Once you have decided to host an event and create a room you will now need to choose which room will suit your event.

Community Lounge (40) - 5 chairs on stage with 9 private tables

Our most popular attraction, this room combines a public stage with private tables. Allowing for yourself and the speakers to be heard when on stage, and easily transition to private table networking after the stage content has finished.

Fireside Chat/Panel (50) - 2 or 5 chairs on stage with public tables spread across the room.

A venue that has the best of both worlds, the main area has a stage along with multiple public tables that are facing the stage, this is great for comedy nights, live podcasts, interviews amount others. When the event is finished head into the networking room which has multiple private tables to network and connect with attendees.

The Big Stage (50) - 5 chairs on stage with theatre style chairs facing the stage

Imagine having a virtual venue with two different areas to hold 50 people.. now imagine being able to easily move groups of guests from a public auditorium area into a fireplace lit 'networking' room with private tables. This is great room for awards, TED talks and more.....

Networking area available with the Big Stage and Fireside chat

The Boardroom (28) - One long table with 24 seats along with 4 private breakout tables

For those of you running investor meetings, all hands, team stand ups, sprint planning, board meetings, and more.. this room is for you. With an oversized monitor perfect for screen sharing to your room full of 24 guests at the beautifully sprawled out board room table.

The Huddle (8) - Small private table with 8 seats with 4 smaller breakout tables

Great for small team meetings, stand ups, family meetups or just casual meetups. the main table holds 8 people with 4 breakout tables for private conversations.

The Hangout (4) - Small private table with 4 seats with 4 small breakout tables

Great for small team meetings, one to ones, performance reviews, interviews along with casual meetups with friends and family.

The Office (12) - Private round table with 12 seats with 4 private breakout tables

Host roundtable brainstorms, think tanks, stand ups, team meetings, personal meetings, and more. Each table is private, the main table holds 12 people, while 4 surrounding tables allow you to bounce around for further privacy.

Speed Networking Room (28) - 5 chairs on stage with 14 private 2 seater tables

This is our own spin on how you can further grow your community ties amongst members, or even bring in totally unfamiliar groups of people to play social games and meet each other. We provide you 14 private tables with 2-person seating so many conversations can be going on at once as people have the chance to meet the other sitting across from them. The grouping of 2-person tables are surrounded by 5 private tables of 6 seats, for those more interested to listen to group conversations rather than 1 on 1.

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