There are two different types of rooms you can join, a public room which anyone can see or a private room which requires an invite to join, these will then be set as Always open or Scheduled.

Scheduled Room - This is a room that is set to open at a set time.

Always Open - This room is always open and can be entered at any time.

Depending on the type of room created you will see the room listed on either Live Now which is located on the home tab or the Discover tab, below is when and where you will see rooms listed for you to enter.

Live Now

You will see any Public Always Open room on Live Now if there is at least one person in the room at the time.

You will see and be able to enter any Public Scheduled room up to 15 minutes before the rooms scheduled start time.

If you have been invited to a Private room you will also see this on your Live Now tab if the room is Always open or if the start time is within 15 minutes for a Scheduled room.


Any Public room that is scheduled for the future that opens in more than 15 minutes from the scheduled start time.

Any Private room that you have been invited to that opens in more than 15 minutes from the scheduled start time.

Can't see the room you are looking for? If a scheduled room has been empty for more than 15 minutes the room will close, the room could also have been closed by the host.

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