When you create a new room you become the main host of that room, this gives you advanced controls to be able to manage your room and the audience who join.

You can access these controls by either clicking on an avatar or via the settings which is located within the "Room" button.

Stage access

As the host, you have access to the stage (if applicable) and the public mic which allows you to speak to the whole room, you can invite other users to the stage and give them access to the public mic when needed.

Silence audience

When someone is talking on stage you have the ability to silence the audience, this can be helpful when you have someone presenting on stage and would like the audience to be silent whilst they are talking, this can be done by pressing the "Silence Audience" button.

Mute users

Some users will produce more background noise than others, if this is happening whilst someone else is talking and distracting the room you can mute an individuals mic stopping any background noise, this can be done by clicking on the user's avatar and pressing "mute"

Manage ticket

If you would like to update an attendees ticket during an event you can use the "Manage ticket" button, this allows you to change the ticket to a speaker or moderator ticket allowing that user more control in the room.

Remove user

If you have an individual who you would no longer like to be in your event you can use the "remove user" button which will remove the user from your event.

Report user

You have the ability to report a user if they are behaving inappropriately in your event by hitting the "report" button, this will then flag them to us to investigate.

Ban user

If you have a user that you no longer wish to allow into your event you use the "Ban" button which will remove the user from the event and ban them from entering in the future.

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