Great news, you have decided to host an event, please follow the below steps to open a room.

1. Click the "Create" button.

2. Select if you would like the room to be public (available for anyone to join) or private (Invite only) and add the room name.

3. If you would like to create a quick room that is always open you can hit the "create room" button which will take you straight into your room, this will be the community lounge room, if you would like to customise your room go to step 4.

4. Select "Customise" which opens up more options for your room, you can then select a date for your event (Note, if you do not change the date it will be instantly available)

5. Then, select what type of room you would like to use from our list (head to "Roomkey Venues" to see what the best room is for your event)

6. Add a description and a banner to tell attendees what the room is for.

7. Finally, if you are creating a public room you now have the option to enable auto invites for your followers or anyone who has attended a previous event.

Once you have confirmed your information, you'll be directed to your unique room page, where you'll be able to edit if need be, this is also where you can invite additional people to your room.

Ready to invite people to your room? Head over to “how to invite”

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