Often, when software companies are creating new products, they will release the product in various stages of "completeness". Naturally when we design and build software, we want to provide our customers with the best experience possible, but software is complex and multi-layered, and sometimes we need lots of moving parts to be finished before we can deliver a new feature fully.

Usually, there are 3 stages to product release:

Alpha - this is usually a closed group of testers who get very early access to features that are not available to the general public. These users are usually expecting to find issues and work with the company to solve them.

Beta - This is the next stage and allows the product to be more generally available whilst still assuming that there may be issues with some new features

Release - This is when the product is generally available.

In order to get Roomkey out to our users, we have released our product in a style often called "Early Access" that sits somewhere between Beta and Release. This basically means that whilst we expect the app to work well, sometimes users may encounter unexpected issues at a rate above what we would be see from a "released" product.

Rest assured, if you do encounter issues with our product, you will still receive great support, and we will try our best to resolve any issues you may have!

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