In certain situations (like Q&A sessions), a member of your audience will need to be heard by the whole venue. In order to enable your attendees to speak when they are in the audience tables, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the avatar that you want to enable
  2. Under 'Event Control', then simply click "Offer Public Mic". This will give the attendee the option to be heard by the entire venue, and they have to confirm.

Note: If you choose the 'Offer' option the attendees will have to manually change their status from 'Private within Table' to 'Entire Venue (amplified)'

Note 2: If you want to be heard on the whole venue and you move between different tables, your microphone settings will be automatically changed to 'Private within Table' and you will have to change it manually to 'Entire Venue (amplified) '

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