It is important to note that screen sharing (beyond image sharing) is currently only available on the MacOS or PC version of Roomkey, not on mobile.

  1. In order to share your screen, click on the screen share icon located next to the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Next, choose the screen source you would like to share, as shown below.

You will see the screen start to load with your screen appearing after a short time.

The screen will be mirrored which means anything on your screen will show on the room screens including the Roomkey app, we recommend using 2 screens if possible and once sharing move the Roomkey app to the second screen.

If you do not have a second screen you can minimise the app to show the screen you would like to display, the screen will be shared until you press the screen share button again via the app.

Please note: If you are using OSX it may require you to grant permission before sharing your screen.

To allow this please go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy

You can then allow access and this should allow your screen to be shared.

Want to change the screen between your logo and your presentation? Simply...

  1. Click on the Room icon, then click the settings wheel and then 'Set Screen Source'.

  2. This will prompt you to choose the source you want. Do so by sliding the bar up and down, then clicking 'Apply to All Screens'.

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