It is important to note that screen sharing (beyond image sharing) is currently only available on the MacOS or PC version of Teooh, not on mobile.

  1. In order to share your screen, click on the Hamburger menu and then click 'Share to Screen'.
  2. Next, type in the web address of your presentation on the window that pops up and click 'Share to all screens.'

Please Note: in order to control the screen, you will need this window open.

Note: If you are on 'push to talk mode' and you are presenting at the same time, you will need to press the 'F6' key every time you speak.

Want to change the screen between your logo and your presentation? Simply...

  1. Click on the Event icon, then click the settings wheel and then 'Set Screen Source'.
  2. This will prompt you to choose the source you want. Do so by sliding the bar up and down, then clicking 'Apply to All Screens'.

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