On Teooh you can create virtual events and monetize them by selling tickets. Your guests can attend as an avatar and hear speakers, socialise and network with others. All this through their laptop and mobile phone. In short, if the Sims did paid events Teooh would be it.

How is Teooh different from a webinar or a video conferencing platform?

Teooh is an all-in-one community organising and engagement platform that also allows people to meet and network with other people and have dynamic group conversations like in real life. This is not possible on webinars and video conferencing, as these are aimed at presenting content and not aimed at meeting and networking with others in the room. 

Teooh Vs Real Life?

With Teooh you can create a totally remote and global community. Nothing can replace the value of physically meeting in person, but it’s not always possible. Physical events require travel, parking, standing in line, catering, security, and a number of other time-consuming and expensive experiences.

Teooh provides the same amazing value of a physical community and  event—new connections and great content—without the inconveniences. With Teooh, you still get access to amazing speakers, networking, and having unexpected encounters that can change your life for the better as it happens at physical events. The difference is you don’t need to travel or book a hotel to attend.

Who uses Teooh?

Teooh is best suited for anyone with a following looking for more ways to monetize it.  Some examples include:

- Event organizers

- Influencers

- Newsletter Authors 

- Podcasters

Want to know more?

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