Teooh is the future of virtual gatherings.

With an interactive, avatar-based platform, Teooh captures the atmosphere and allure of physical events without the accompanying cost, effort, and environmental impact. Teooh was born from the idea that communication fosters connection, and connection creates change. Consistent community connection drives new relationships, and it is those relationships that make a difference around the world. Teooh facilitates this consistent community connection

Teooh is an interactive, avatar-based social gathering platform. It allows anyone from anywhere to meet in real-time with anyone from anywhere, create new relationships, and grow existing communities globally. With a venue for every need, avatar customisations, and personal touches, Teooh is the perfect way to spice up and grow your community connections.

How is Teooh different from a webinar or a video conferencing platform?

While webinars and video conferencing platforms are useful for presenting content and sharing information, they do not offer the dynamic group conversations that Teooh does. Teooh allows people to create genuine connections by facilitating community discussion in a virtual reality platform. This allows users to interact as though they are sitting right next to each other in a room, and they don't have to worry about fixing their hair or dressing up as they would for a video call.

Teooh Vs Real Life?

At Teooh, we believe that genuine connections should not be hampered by international barriers, travel costs, or social anxiety. Teooh revitalizes and economizes events, and it takes away the costs and environmental impact of physical events.

Imagine attending five social gatherings in one day; meeting five times the amount of people; creating five times the amount of genuine connections; exponentiating your impact on the world. Now imagine that you can attend these gatherings with no effort from the comfort of your own home. Imagine if millions of people with billions of ideas and interests could come together every day to discuss their passions.

You no longer need to imagine. With Teooh, this is a reality. Such interconnectedness not only fosters change: it fosters bonds and partnerships that have only ever been imaginable with physical gatherings. Modern technology has made it possible to talk to someone on the other side of the globe and feel as though you are sitting right next to them. But with Teooh, that one connection can become 10 connections, and these connections can grow exponentially. Growing your community no longer has to be limited by geographical borders, nor is it exclusive to social extroverts.

Who uses Teooh?

Anyone with a phone or computer can use Teooh. While originally created for post-event networking, Teooh now enables a host of users. We've seen birthday parties, pub quizzes, film festivals, and business team stand-ups within Teooh, and our users have proven that Teooh use cases are endless. Anyone from anywhere can create genuine connections using Teooh.

At Teooh, we are constantly impressed by the new ways that businesses and individuals are using Teooh. Want to wow us? Host your one-of-a-kind event and tell us all about it by emailing press@teooh.com or tweeting @TeoohEvents.

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